How It Works

What is Nomadable

Nomadable is a search engine for cafes, coworking spaces where you can work/study from. Here is the list of features:

  • 🗺 Easy-to-use map UI
  • 🔍 Various search filter
  • 🌐 Wifi speed data
  • 🪙 Point system for contributors

How Point System Works

Nomadable is maintained by its users. If a user submit a place or post a review, etc., the user will get points. These users are then credited on a leaderboard. Here is the types of action you get points from:

  • Add place
    3 pts
  • First check in
    10 pts
  • Check in
    3 pts
  • Your place be checked in
    1 pts
  • Post a review
    10 pts

Open Data

All the place data in Nomadable is freely downloadable as CSV format. Please click the button below to download.

Open Code

The source code of Nomadable is open to public on GitHub. Please feel free to copy it or use it for whatever purpose.

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